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Green Coffee Bean Extract Emerges As A Weight Loss Supplement With Promise

Health experts today are pushing green coffee bean extract as a supplement for weight loss.

While green coffee bean extract does come from coffee beans, the difference is that it is made from coffee bean that are raw, not roasted. Green coffee beans thus have nutritional properties that have been found to help in weight loss. In this article, we'll take a look at how you can use green coffee bean extract to shed pounds.

Any coffee aficionado knows that there are numerous types of coffee. The majority of coffee drinkers are primarily concerned with the taste and caffeine content.

When it comes to green coffee bean extract, you also have to pay attention to where it comes from. Robusta and Arabica are the two primary types of coffee plants. You'll want coffee beans (both raw and roasted) from the Arabica plant because the coffee they produce is of much higher quality than the coffee produced by coffee beans from the Robusta plant. Robusta plants are grown in lower altitudes and this may be the reason the beans they produce don't have as many antioxidants in them. So take this into account when you shop for supplements that have green coffee bean extract.

The demand for this effective product is increasing by leaps and bounds due to all the attention it is getting. As a result, some less-than-honest manufacturers are selling green coffee bean extract that also includes artificial ingredients and fillers. There are also companies that don't put the amount of green coffee bean extract in each capsule that they claim to include on the label. When you are reviewing the various products available, you must read the ingredients listed for each capsule before you make your purchase. This is true whether you shop locally or online. Your goal is to find a brand that offers 100% natural pure green coffee bean extract in each capsule, and nothing else. The only exception might be a weight loss supplement that adds several other effective ingredients.

If you begin taking a supplement that has green coffee bean extract, you may be wondering just how much caffeine it will add to your usual caffeine intake if you're a heavy coffee drinker. Typically, a capsule has 20 mg of caffeine. A cup of coffee, on the other hand, contains at least 100 mg of caffeine. A cup of coffee may have 400mg of caffeine depending on the coffee bean and preparation method. So really, you shouldn't have to worry about green coffee bean extract increasing your daily caffeine intake. If you don't normally consume caffeine at all, you may find that this supplement is a mild stimulant. You've just learned a few reasons that contributed to the sudden popularity of green coffee bean extract as a diet supplement. Not only is it endorsed by well known doctors like Dr. Oz, green coffee bean extract has scientific research to back up its weight loss claims. So if you're seeking a product that's both safe and effective for weight loss, green coffee bean extract might be your answer.

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