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Sky HD : Do It Yourself Installing Along With Account Activation

If you've got updated one's own Sky+ box to have a latest Sky+ HD box you've got the option of having your gear fitted by way of professional Sky expert or you can opt to put in the kit for yourself. You'll be able to goto Cccam And Nagra 3 D Help for more information on preremit.

In the event you recently replaced to another Sky reciver and chosen the Self Install method this informative guide could very well support you in fitting and activating a newly purchased equipment. There's certainly no longer any necessity for that you phone us to activate your own viewing card it might be taken care of online at this time you prefer.

Self Installing the components : Sky+HD

To setup Sky+ HD you will require :
• A Sky+HD box
• A HD/HD Ready Television (to benefit within the Hd Tv channels)
• An HDMI cable (For connecting you're Hdtv as well as Sky+ HD reciever to get Hi-d programming)
• One or Two Dish Input Cable connections ( To benefit through the complete highlights of Sky+ you'll need 2 Dish Input Cables attached of one's Satellite dish to your Sky+ HD box)
• Sky Viewing Card
Installation : Self Set-up

To fit a Sky+HD box with a pair of dish input cable connections you will require to carry out these simple simple steps :

Please note that any recordings currently kept inside your Sky+reciever won't be sent to your newly purchased Sky+HD box. Every recordings stored within the harddisk of the reciever defintely won't be available. Any video recordings is required to be viewed or transferred to a different file format (DVD / External Hard Drive).

Disconnecting ones outdated device :

1. Disconnect your current Sky+ box from the mains power supply.
2. Unscrew the dish input cables from your Sky+ box
3. Remove the SCART cable hooked up between the Tv with your Sky+ receiever
4. Take out your Sky Viewing Card (The Sky viewing card could very well be kept behind a flap about the front right-hand panel of your Sky+ box).

Connecting your newly purchased hardware :

1. Connect the two dish input cables to the Dish Input One and Dish Input Two connections on the rear of your respective Sky+ HD box.
2. Connect the HDMI cable directly into the HDMI slots on the rear end of a Sky+ HD reciever in the matching end connected to the HDMI slot on the Television system.
3. Hook up your phone line directly into the phone outlet in the rear of the receiver.
4. Hook up the Sky+ HD reciever to your mains power supply
5. The Sky+ HD box will illuminate an amber/red light on the front panel on the receiver showing on standby function. The reciever should be in on standby way of A couple of mins ahead of powering up your box.
6. Power up ones Sky+ HD box by pressing the Sky control key on your Handheld Control
7. You should be shown the Sky Information Channel on-screen (Channel 998)
8. Using your Sky Remote go to Channel 106 (Sky One)
9. You will end up presented with an On-screen Personal message suggesting "Please insert your Sky Viewing Card"
10. Insert your Sky viewing card straight into the viewing card slot (the viewing card slot located behind a flap on the front panel on the Sky+ HD box).
11. To totally initialize your Sky+HD services and subscription programs you'll need to couple your Sky viewing card into your new equipment.

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