Aletheia Workshop

Advanced Leadership Training for Human Empowerment thru Integral Awareness and Action. (Note: Aletheia is a Greek word which means “Truth”. In this context it means “truth” as a foundation for effective action in the world.]

IMPORTANCE:  We all have the enthusiasm and the idealism. We have exciting innate strengths as a movement. For example, Cebu, with its over 50 members, has capacities to be a “holding vessel” for inspiring individuals to be part of MISSION. Davao, on the other hand, has strong networking capacities and youth power. We can learn from each other’s strengths. And this will happen during the training.

On the other hand, we all have challenges to face. A number of our colleagues have undergone or are undergoing life-altering challenges. We also need improvement in specific skills and capacities. We may be good in one aspect of movement work, but weak in other necessary areas. The Aletheia Course will build upon our strengths as well as develop capacities in areas where we are weak.

Meanwhile, the Philippines and the world continue to be in crisis mode. Good intentions are not enough. At bottom the problems we are facing are spiritual and moral as well as structural and systemic. Past movement skills are not enough to address the new conditions and challenges. We need a new kind of training in societal leadership, based in personal mastery, to move forward as a nation, as a world.  We need a new kind of training in societal leadership to create the new collectivity.


Uniqueness and Potential Transformative Power

In all history, in all cultures, a few determined and committed individuals, working together, have changed the course of history. Amidst all the tremendous challenges, these small groups succeeded against all odds to usher in the world that we find today.

Now the details of how they did it, as well as the source of infinite transformative energy and unyielding motivation and action, are now understood. And this understanding can be shared. And this is what this upcoming training will provide.

All these individuals who changed the course of their societies and changed history, underwent 4 key challenges in a process we now call the Lemniscate Process. At the end of this journey emerged individuals who had the power for tremendous good.

The curriculum of the Aletheia Course is built around this journey of unlocking the deepest and most profound potential that resides in us and channeling and shaping these energies for the benefit of society. Societal innovations require new capacities.


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