The Birth of Mission Global Node

The birth of MISSION Global Node + its First official Workshop Courage!

After two years of groundwork in Europe and ten given Mission Workshops Courage by MISSION Founding Member Cornelius Oette, we have now - with the returning Mission Volunteers from Philippines - a big enough number of Imaginals to form an official Global Node! And a first Mission Workshop Courage was facilitated in the Name of the Global Node by the returning Mission Volunteers of the Mission Volunteer Programme of Mission in the Philippines.

So we have actually three things to celebrate:

Ten Pioneer MISSION Workshops Courage outside the Philippines.
The birth of the Global Node!And the first MISSION Workshop Courage as a first official activity of the newly formed Global Node facilitated by the returning MISSION Volunteers.

This workshop on June 9th and 10th was MISSION Global Node’s first official Workshop Courage outside the Philippines. And it was an incredible success! The workshop was facilitated by Philip Burroughs, Louisa Mittman and Corinna Zuckerman in Ytterjarna, Sweden, and was attended by 13 people from 9 different countries!

The workshop certainly had a different flavor than the ones in the Philippines we had the fortune to attend – it had a bit more of an analytical and critical thinking flair to it, which posed some challenges. But it gave us a unique and valuable opportunity to really dive deep into the material and examine it from several different angles, which led us to a heightened understanding and greater appreciation. Success was by no means guaranteed, but it actually worked out really well. The methods and messages in the workshop were clearly appreciated and understood by the participants, and all are now well on their way to contributing to a more sustainable society. One of participants is now an organizer of YIP (the program that sent 4 of us on our internship to MISSION), and another participant is a volunteer with YIP!However, we did realize that we face an implementation problem with MISSION. In the Philippines, Workshop Courage’s are facilitated in cities where most of the participants live relatively close to each other and so can meet up, check in with each other, and support one another. But considering how geographically diverse we are, we are finding it very hard to check in and support each other. But we are working to find ways around that. In the end, I think what will happen is that we will begin sending our roots out a bit once we have settled. So, while the outcome of the workshop was a clear success and the all the participants were inspired, there was only 1 who decided to actually become a MISSION member (Maria from Finland).

Since that workshop, we have all scattered about Europe even bit more; two of us are in England, 4 in Germany, 1 in Finland, and 1 in Australia. Like little seeds, we are waiting for fertile ground so that we may begin to germinate. The challenge is a huge one, but we are all willing and patient – forever watchful for signs that we can get our foot in the door. One such opening might be a request that we’ve recieved to facilitate a Workshop Courage in Amsterdam!

So, please keep up your work in the Philippines. You are forever an inspiration to us all. Whenever we feel down, we can always look your way and once again feel our flames inside being rekindled. You are proof that what we have been told to be impossible is, in fact, very possible.

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