MISSION arrives in Finland, Northern Europe

MISSION arrives in Finland, Northern Europe
Workshop Courage with 33 Participants in Helsinki

On the day after the election of the world's first green supreme major in a county capital in Stuttgart, Germany, we had a MISSION Workshop Courage in Helsinki.
33 People gathered for two working days in the studio of an art galery, owned by the sun of a pioneer of anthroposophy in Finland.

On the base of delicious vegetarian/vegan food that was all donated by organic and biodynamic farms, we had an intense time together in that art galery's studio. Analizing the finnish society, its largest concerns and greatest challenges, we discovered a huge potential dormant in the country.

Being one of the wealthiest nations in the world and at the same time having one of the world's highest suicide rate and drug abuse suc has alcohol, there is everything ready for a mission like social and cultural evolution: Given the fact that there is all what you need on the physical level, and given the yearning for purpose and meaning, MISSION is axactly what finnish people semm to be searching for. The potential we discovered is connected to a deep and unique relation to nature, a huge potential for deep courage, deep talk or "big talk" as in comparison to "small talk" as one participant has coined the word. It just needs a overcoming of the "sheepiness" that is going round not just in finland!

In the project planning phase the integrating idea was a festival happening next summer, including and being expanded by many other individual ideas.
In a meeting in the finnish parliament with a this year's presidential election's highly sucessful green candidate, he showed understanding for MISSION and willingness to support Nicanor, Liwanag and the Finish festival "I DO".

On the last night of the workshop there was a social space with an open stage, with presentations of Cornelisu Oette, Sampsa Pirtola and the long awaited special Guest IMMANUEL.

The whole event was a success after all, and people were inspired. There has been mad an appointment in a week's time for a follow up meeting and further brainstorming for the festival.

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