MISSION Baguio continues to make waves

MISSION Baguio was setup in May 2010 with only 2 members who were barely trained to facilitate MISSION workshops. Today, the Baguio Node has evolved. It is now composed of 16 members, coming from different backgrounds, all willing to do their best in furthering MISSION ideals. The Node has also organized a number of trainings and other activities and is showing real potential to become a center for birthing (and nurturing) of initiatives geared towards a more sustainable society.

From the beginning, the node was aimed towards creating a venue for all initiatives promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Baguio, being a haven for artists, was soon to become a haven for alternative living, organic farming and a breakthrough educational system.

The Baguio Node found a natural partner in Sofia Waldorf-Inspired School - a progressive, non-traditional school school aimed at developing free, morally responsible and well-balanced individuals. Looking at the world with different lens, the teachers of the school were kindred spirits who resonated with the vision, mission and goals of MISSION. The school grounds became the venue of the very first MISSION workshop in Baguio and members of the Sofia community helped organize other major events in 2010.

In its early stages, MISSION Baguio was operating purely with women power where only a number of ladies were doing all the work. With sheer will, they were able to launch 5 major events, despite having no experience or skill in events organizing. These events featured international trainers, globally renowned (meaning, awarded!) speakers and directors. Perhaps you will remember these events: Art of the Heart with Frank Chester, Biography Workshop by Nicanor Perlas, and The New You with Judy Barber: A Raw Food Workshop.

But the Baguio Node has undergone a rebirth. While a majority of members who signed up for the 3 MISSION Workshops have become silent for the past year, those who have recommitted are breathing new life into the node. Thanks to the recently concluded ALETHEIA Course, members have started to understand their role in the transformation of society. Weeks of "seclusion" has led to realignment and the rekindling of passions - the birth of a new Node determined to overcome the challenges.

As more and more members are becoming active, the Node is taking first steps to further its efforts and make real its vision - to bring people with ideas for social transformation together and help them realize the means to their goals. At the end of the year, the Node hopes to setup its own cultural house - a place for Imaginals wishing to retreat and re-energize. It is more than just a "house", but rather, a community which shelters the mind, body, and spirit. It is a place where people can heal and reconnect with the Divine - a place where all types of people are empowered, nurtured and respected.

Thanks to the renewed energy in the Node, MISSION Baguio has started launching campaigns that support organizations aligned with the movement's ideals. For example, a training series entitled Train for a Day, Live Well for a Lifetime was launched to help fund and market Sofia. This was the beginning of inter-nodal cooperation (thanks to Dr. Marian Alonzo who drew in quite an enthusiastic audience with her health talk) and paved an awakening of the people of Baguio.

With the recently concluded (and very successful) presentation on climate change entitled Panahon Na! People Power in a Changing Climate (with the help of Sheila Castillo-Tiangco and Jagat Rubio, both from MISSION Cebu) more Baguio residents have been introduced to MISSION. The Node has gathered contacts in all levels of society - educational institutions, business sectors, local government units, etc. Several groups have already expressed their desire to learn more about the movement as well as partner with MISSION Baguio in some initiatives they are planning to launch.

Meanwhile, MISSION Baguio is continuing to educate its members to the important role they are playing in societal transformation. Study groups aimed at empowering the members are conducted weekly, and Imaginal cells in the Node are going to be setup so as to ensure the sustainability of all MISSION-inspired initiatives.



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