MISSION Manila is a growing node nested in the urban jungle of the capital of the Philippines. From the composition of its members to the nature of its initiatives, this node is an apparent manifestation of diversity. Nevertheless, MISSION Manila exemplifies how a dream of a transformed planet brings together individuals coming from different backgrounds but having a common passion in life – the passion to make this dream of transformation a reality through initiatives that serve humanity and the world.

Its flagship initiative is the Green Shop, a nomadic store of organic and environment-friendly products. The Green Shop advocates for an alternative and responsible lifestyle plausible for the common Filipino.

At present, members of MISSION Manila are exploring initiatives parallel to their areas of interest such as health and wellness, cooperatives and community-building, biodynamic and organic farming, education, art, film production and photography.

MISSION Manila regularly holds the MISSION Workshop of Courage and the Biography Workshop.

Manila Mission House

Metro Manila


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