was a busy baby
on its first year.

May 2010 to May 2011 was a hectic first year for the Cebu Area Node. Right after the MISSION founding workshop on May 28-30, which was then called Moving Forward, Cebu imaginals embarked of a frenzy of activities and events that tried and tested the group and its individual members.

First focus was to find fellow imaginals and the key was to hold MISSION Workshops. During this period, MISSION Cebu conducted six of such workshops which connected the members to like-minded individuals, most of whom decided to be a part of the movement. It also offered a modified version of the workshop into Journey to Self which they offered to students at the San Carlos Seminary and to the teachers of the Exceed Learning Center.

Two major events were offered to the public, the Art of the Heart Lecture-Forum wherein noted geometrician Frank Chester was invited as key speaker, along with MISSION Founder Nicanor Perlas. Nick also facilitated the Biography Workshop to participants, some of whom came from as far as Dumaguete and Marbel, Cotabato.

The group also collaborated with other partners in various events and activities which includes the Earthdance 2010, Sinulog Environmental Mass 2011, and supported MISSION-inspired initiative I See the Philippines Book Series being developed by Nomadic Tales Publishing. In solidarity with the Cebu civil society community, the group joined and was actively represented in the activities of the Cebu Sustainability Forum (CSF) and the Cebu Coalition on Food Security (CCFS).

The first year was also for the members to discern on what their initiatives would be and many have started working towards them, especially with support of the Vision to Action Workshop which was highlighted with the Coaching Session also facilitated by Nick.



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