readying for explosive growth!

Davao Node started germinating after Ayyi planted the seed by organizing (solo) a Davao Workshop for her friends/contacts all over Mindanao on September 2010. It is apt that MISSION Mindanao clearly started with an individual’s initiative, as we all could then witness to the power of an individual’s initiative as the MISSION seed germinated.


That very humble beginning started the ball rolling… it netted two persons(Prema, Nick S.) who committed to MISSION and soon attracted two more, who were not even MISSION Workshop attendees yet but had a common burning initiative (this would be Kate & Maya). This small group of people quickly agreed to regularly meet up and a weekly schedule was started.


Out of this initial kamustahanay, the first nodal (we didn’t have that word yet) initiative was born: WorkShop 2.0, so that Kate and Maya would be able to attend and so that the group could attract more imaginals as well as getting a clearer, better understanding about what MISSION really is all about (during this time if somebody asked a direct question about MISSION and the workshop, most of us could not give a direct answer except for giving the words to the initials which we have not even memorized yet ^_^). So on December 2011, Workshop 2.0 was convened [it almost did not push through as  ‘ “Real” Life happened ‘ to the only MISSION vessel in our midst, Ayyi, and most of the group as well – good thing one of us insisted that it should push through as from that workshop we now have Mel, Phillip, Leo, Hannah, and Jen].


December 2010 – June 2011 was a self-gathering period for MISSION Mindanao, but not all hibernated as two of us were able to attend ALETHEA 1.0 on May-June 2011. Maya and Kate found such new clarity and commitment there that the ball started rolling again for MISSION Mindanao spurred by their burning enthusiasm from the ALETHIA course. Workshop 3.0 was quickly organized [July 2011], Kate and Maya’s Waldorf /Steiner School initiative was adopted as a nodal initiative, formalization of the weekly Kamustahanay schedule, and a renewed effort at reconnecting/touching base with the other Workshop graduates ensued.


Judging from the output of Workshop 3.0[an output is the first MAJOR nodal initiative, and more committed imaginals!], there are exciting times ahead for MISSION Mindanao as from a seed planted almost a year ago, a sapling has sprouted and grown. We are primed and ready for explosive growth in I.O.N.(Initiatives, Organizing, Networking)!





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